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Izood Deals is an online media e-commerce platform (www.izood.com). Izood Deals is a group buying company under the wing of Dumac Line General Trading L.L.C with the License number of 661281, was formed to meet identified needs in the marketplace for a specialist electronic products and accessories to target the market at reasonable cost

Date : 11/2012

JF Wear

AJINA & RESLAN Co., Ltd, founded in May, 1997, is 100% privately owned which specializing in fashion, produce and sale of superior cotton wear, our brand is JFwear.

Date : 06/2012

E-Payments Syria || S.I.S.T

The Syrian International for Service and Technology offers e-payment service throw the project is to all people who pay the bills of basic services (Electricity - Water - Land Line) and additional services (fees - and taxes....etc) using modern technology in the self-service domain.

Date : 04/2012

Brazilian esthetic clinics in Syria

Brazilian esthetic clinics in Syria provides a wide range of beauty and health care services using the latest and most advanced techniques in plastic surgeries and cosmetic equipments ensuring you

Date : 02/2012

New Vision Syria

We are Maya Trading and Contracting, would like to introduce ourselves as exclusive distributor in Syria for window film products. This new revolutionary product has many advantages to offer. A high –tech optically clear, polyester film is an excellent safety option for improving the solar control and decorative shape of windows and glass panels of the buildings, be it to upgrade an old building or build a new one

Date : 01/2012

Hi-Rali Company

Hi-Rali is the new  brand of computer accessories after HAVIT's success .  According to the different market demands from different countries in the world  , Guangzhou Havit Industrial Co.LTD and  Al Shahbandar  company from Syria, decided to  establish "Hi-Rali" at the end of 2010.

Date : 01/2012

Demashky Orintal Decoration

Damascus to the east is the decor and shop work in the design and implementation of internal decorative wooden Oriental manner floral Damascene handmade  Heritage was founded in 1996 in Damascus, which includes a selection of the best Professional craftsmen in this area

Date : 12/2011

Sham Stamps Company

Sham seals for advertising and artwork
And the work of cutting and drilling lasers developed

Date : 12/2011

Rami Company

amiCo for fire equipments is a specialized company in manufacturing of a wide range of fire extinguishers, fire hose Cabinet and other fire fighting equipment.
Ramus was incorporated with a keen desire to provide the total support package and most comprehensive and reliable fire protection solutions to product lives and properties.

Date : 11/2011

Moral Al-Burj

Corporation was established in 2004 and produces Tina Japanese (Almoral) nectarines, which includes multiple (cotton, silk, crystal and silk Extra) in various colors and high quality and we are ready to meet all the requests (junction and sentence) with competitive prices




Date : 10/2011

Al-Masar Art Production

Company established international track of artistic production and distribution in 1998
Is interested in producing dramas and documentaries
Participated course many festivals and won several awards for its most
Most important works produced by the company.


Date : 09/2011

GSM Syria

Today, GSMsyria has been a leading company specialized distribution in the telecommunications sector in the Syrian market and through direct sales and lounges local network in the provinces of Syria. They offer an extensive distribution of products and services at the Aloutnevi all Syrian cities, and our staff of experienced deals in the sales team, with support from the administrative offices and logistics of the Interior. And processing scientific and technical global companies provide optimal support and capabilities unique in the distribution of products and services they provide.

Date : 07/2011

ELTEL Middle East

ELTEL MIDDLE EAST is established in Syria Arab Republic, in the year 2003,to be the leaders in Communication and Transmission appointing the most expert engineers Towers in Syria and neighbouring countries.

We have a long and rapidly growing list of satisfied clients, including some of the most reputed firms in the private and public sectors; a testimony to the trust and confidence we command in the market.? To name, a few of them are, Syrian Telecom Establishment (STE), Syria Tel GSM operator, SpaceTel GSM Operator, Public Establishment for Distribution & Exploitation of Electrical Energy (P.E.D.E.E.E.), and Public Establishment of Electricity for Generation and Transmission (P.E.E.G.T.) etc.?

Date : 06/2011

Architect Mohammed Assaf

Specialising in providing an innovative and refreshing approach to design in these modern times, MHD Assaf Architects can provide you with professional help and advice in all facets of real estate development. In particular we can help you with design including interior, exterior, buildings, landscaping as well furniture selection, project management and planning, supervision and construction.

Require a novel mosque design? We offer a free service for the design, planning and constructions of mosques. Please email info@mhdassaf.com for more information.

Date : 05/2011

963 Service Website

The first service to be provided by 963 Easy Way 

The site consists of 5 sections of specific sectors of the Syrian starts in three languages Arabic English French to become later in 7 languages 

Section I: General services
Section II: News
Section It: Tourism
Section IV: A Guide for Employment
Section V: Business Directory


Date : 04/2011

Gemini Sport Wears

The work in GEMINI Company for sports and cottons wear had started in 1998 by small workshop in one suburbs of Damascus, creating women pajamas and selling it in the internal markets, then the work had expanded at the following years to adopt the special points of sale  principle in the company in 2004 for up to 18 sections today distributed throughout the  country, also foreign  markets had opened in Arabic gulf ,Jordan ,Lebanon ,Egypt ,Tunisia , and Algeria.

The designed sorts had multitude to involve men and kids wears beside women wears, which had developed to be appropriate for all palates and sizes.

Date : 02/2011

Twelve Luxury Watches

Twelve company is syrian company specialized in luxury watches




Date : 01/2011

963 Company

We are the first service company ad e in Syria licensed assets to the Ministry of Economy and the Arab Declaration

on its main objective the establishment of the largest database of Syria for all events from companies, institutions and human and natural resources and tourism and all that resides in Syria from the professions and crafts, industry and energy, relying on several gates ad Electronics is the first of its kind and the latest in the world and poses for the first time in the Syrian market.


Date : 01/2011


Founded Blloran of the industry in the Syrian Arab Republic in 1988
And proud to be one of the Syrian institutions distinct industry decorations and beauty
Concerned institution manufactures haircare and body. A local industry, and all raw materials used in the industry, is the basis of normal and shall conform to approved standards
Foundation is working to market their products inside and outside the Syrian Arab Republic, and has agents in many Arab countries as the Foundation each year to develop its products, and adding new products in line with the requirements of local markets and Arabic.

Date : 01/2011


In the circumstances of the continuous growth of the communication technology , The need for communicating through SMS  has raised and seemed as one of the fastest and cheapest ways of communications .Hia-SMS is a specialized company for SMS services and solutions. This company was found to present its services and solutions for its subscribers in the world of internet SMS to keep you in touch with work , friends and your be loved world.

Our purpose is to give you the easiest SMS service with the best prices

Date : 12/2010

Luxor travel and tourism

Luxor Travel & Tourism handle incoming and  Outgoing  ,groups we offer facilities not only within Syria but we extend our services to Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Egypt in cooperation with our partners.  For business or leisure traveler, we offer a wealth of services and amenities that make a home, away from home. And for archaeologists and adventurers they will find it so easy with our special programs.

Also study tours available with special request; our tours to all archaeological sites will convert dreams into  reality. We offer the following services: Hotels from different categories, modern air-conditioned coaches, professional guides, rent car,  packaged tours tailor made tours.

Date : 11/2010

Kandaleft Jwellery

Our jewelry is hand made from A to Z. We use rose-cut diamonds which is a unique technique dating from the Victorian period and the ancient Turkish jewelry. The technique is inspired by the rose shape to cut diamonds.
Our role is to modernize it by adding colored precious stones. This will give additional beauty to any piece since it combines the best and present.
We can respond to any feminine need with these modern colored designs.
We are proud of our unique ability to create luxury jewelry with gold , silver , diamonds and precious stones.
We hope your imagination is captured by our collection.

Date : 08/2010

Valueadded Group

As one of Syrian public relations agencies, Valueadded Group is best known for its results-driven approach to public relations and “Earn Values. Succeed” commitment to client service.

“Earn Values. Succeed’ is an attitude that guides how Valueadded Group thinks, how we work, and what makes us different. Our mission is, and always will be, to create a superior value for our clients by planning and developing their communications adjectives in a tangible implementation that drive success for their business.

Date : 08/2010

Syria Data

This service will reach my services to the largest number of people in the shortest possible time and this service will have your ad in more than one place at the same time
This service can double the income, sales and more benefit from your ad
This service will be up to the finest events, personalities, and economic institutions and a very large number of different places and at the same time, but the lowest cost
This service is useful and good value to people or to a certain segment of them
Our main mission is to create a slide back you Balqaúdh customers and wealth, this service work for you and to your advantage and make use of our time and our experience and know-how in marketing

Date : 07/2010

Creative Solutions

Company profile:
Trading company advisory service provided innovative and imaginative solutions in the areas of electricity and electronics and technical equipment and modern technology.
Our Vision:
Attempt to be a commercial service company and leader in innovative solutions in the areas of industrial and residential, business and everything related to the development of life for better.
Our Mission:
Our Company act with responsibility and take high creativity and innovation approach to providing competitive products and services of high quality to meet the needs of our customers.

Date : 05/2010

F1 Group

Company was establcccished in April of 2008 in the city of Damascus to cover the need for an IT services company at a high level of professionalism that respects its customers and provide services based on global standards.

we are depend on the principle of customer satisfaction as the most important principles of our work. maintain to obligation the highest standards and execution projects.


Date : 04/2010

IT Max Computer Services

IT MAX Co is a leading provider of Information Technology products based in Damascus, Syria. Since its inception in 2006, the company's mission has been to provide the highest levels of service to its clients through high quality products, competitive pricing, Maintenance department & efficient logistics.

Today the company has a strong network of computer resellers across the market of Syria. There are four main divisions in the company:

Date : 04/2010


Our idea was a coincidence, or rather a lot of pictures gathered in our minds it is difficult to erase, big picture of our country, "Syria" is very beautiful in all its Shareef Hospital that walked the hot hot, roofed, which realigned on top of each random Broaihaa of sweet and ugly.

Image grew with us and took us to the effects of our country, want the school, university and trips Multiplayer every stone tells the story of our country, people who passed through here, and others sat there, many who lived in this country and who loved her most.

Date : 02/2010

Max Hope

MaxhopeSiteis the first  in Syria who interested in providing technologies, programs and services to the  medical  field terms allows for doctors  all the options ,  necessary technologies and technical offers of medical devices, and work on the development of used software of archiving field  and organization of work in medical centers, clinics, and complement this field of expertise and graduates.
our Vision:
Improve and support the medical field in line with the latest developments in medical technology, and increase understanding of medical technologies and its operational characteristics and optimal use of 

Date : 02/2010

Summit Technology (Dubai)

Summit of Technology Dubai Branch for the import of computer parts and supplements from China, Taiwan, Syria, to be one of the leading companies operating in this area in Syria.

1 - provide consumers the largest range of models and brands in Syria, one unrivaled in the diversity of models available to them

2 - the true sponsorship and ability to provide technical support for all types of laptops imported by it, and imported by others.

3 - provide all the parts and supplements laptops from all brands

Date : 11/2009

EdilBi Studio

edilBi Studio is a Syrian branding and a Creative agency founded by Ahmad Nassouh Edilbi, dedicated to building brands, through crafting memorable brand experiences.

At edilBi we help small to medium sized organizations to create opportunities for growth in the marketplace.


Date : 09/2009

Al-Shahbandar Company

AL Shahbandar Co. was founded to follow up the information technology developments are always ongoing to keep pace with the rise times in the dissemination of information in the various sectors of our beloved country

This is dedicated AL Shahbandar Co. to offer its customers everything that is new in this area of high quality Information and competitive prices and put their hands between luxury brands
Hyundai - Microlab - Excel - Global - Rally

Date : 08/2009

Syrian Index

Syrian Index is a Syrian site search on the Internet, concerned with archiving products and offers shops and trading companies specializing in the computer field to be so rich database reciprocal between vendors and customers.
Thus to provide a fertile environment and a process for marketing products and services in new and effective ..


Date : 03/2009

Summit Technology (Syria)

Founded Sumit of Technology in 1999 in Damascus for the import of computer parts and supplements from China, Taiwan, Syria, to be one of the leading companies operating in this area in Syria.
1 - provide consumers the largest range of models and brands in Syria, one unrivaled in the diversity of models available to them
2 - the true sponsorship and ability to provide technical support for all types of laptops imported by it, and imported by others.
3 - provide all the parts and supplements laptops from all brands

Date : 03/2009

Omar Bin Alkhatab School

School was founded on Omar Bin Al Khattab in 1983 to be of Education edifice and a beacon of creativity, development and construction of building generation educationally sound ..



Date : 11/2008

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